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孙廷全|复印机回收Battle began very abrupt, end soon, cao cao's side is the tiger WeiYing fighters, in front of the nighthawk who, even have no chance to link matrix, hundreds of guard so be fifty nighthawk who nondestructive kill, if you count the slain four hundred Cao Liu before their soldiers sent to protect important regalia, so along while of kung fu, 50 nighthawk who have killed five hundred of the enemy."Can we use the army now?""Master, there's no one left!" "Said a nighthawk guard, bending forward.

"Why not? Bearer, give me general zhang tied up, wait for me to break through chengdu, hand blade liu zhang dog thief of day, again to general apology, when the time comes, want to kill to cut, as you please!" There was a groan of cold, and at once some of the guards and generals who were in the army rushed at him, thinkingWill jiangdong send troops at this time?"Yes, unfortunately, not for our army!" Lv meng silently nodded, seeing Chen to rush toward this way, not from cold hum 1, harsh voice way: "capsize boat!"孙廷全|The face of the mountain wind blowing full head wild dance, is walking between the tiger head suddenly stopped.

孙廷全|Although there is pang tong, law is behind the plot, but if there is no this has gradually sharp contradictions, yizhou family not too greedy, liu zhang later eat phase also not so ugly, it is not now to today's step of betrayal."If you do not look at him, you may kill him Liu zhang in shu as, I have heard, even if zhang ren magnanimous, forget about the past, but with his personality, this matter sooner or later reported to liu zhang, liu zhang will deal with you, I think there is no need to say more? Pang tong looked at deng xian and shook his head."Plank road? Wei Yanwen word mouth convulsed, so-called plank road, the road is not, is no channels in some dangerous place, chiseling rock, will board in horizontal spread out the road, not only difficult to walk, and always very easy to fall down from above the plank road, don't force, not grew up in the shu people, I'm afraid I can't get past.

< / p > < p > until the summer mouth, Chen to prepare to land, a fleet of boats from the oblique bypass Chen to the remnants of the soldiers, will they block the summer mouth outside, the number of the other side is not much, but Chen to the side, up to now, only hundreds of people crowded in more than 20 boats, want to break through the other side, obviously impossible.Alone is a tiger firmly shut, those deadly western soldiers have not let a person very headache, unlike the que close there, seibel here have begun to keep for attack, want to break the walls of cao cao's side, although to drive them down several times, but this is no ordinary mad help western man, liu bei fired today, jun left to stomach, faced with the pressures of a lyu3 bu4, even's these specialist, all feel have no confidence."Clatter ~"孙廷全|





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