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欧弟经纪人米果|彩色油泥"Now, your mission is over?" Chen took a deep breath and ignored lv meng. Instead, he looked at fu DE.Blood is in the air of restlessness, guan yu in the hands of the falchion has killed don't know how much the enemy's head, with dozens of famous knife hand kept an defending a city wall, jingzhou army to attack a few opportunities on the wall, so once the attack on the wall, originally like sheep gentle jingzhou army, to become the most evil hyenas butch instant embodiment.This time, perhaps because of the balance of the ship is less, Chen will only get up is quite smooth, a dozen small boats surrounded together, under the enemy's arrows rain, toward the jiangdong water blocked their retreat in the past.

"But the confrontation between the two states was not based solely on war, especially when the new shu and the new shu were determined and the old families and people were not attached to each other." Ma su smiled."Poof ~" the cold sword sharp pull, cut throat, the body with splashes of blood slowly fell, bluestone ground was soon stained red with a piece of blood.Xia hou sat down sulkily for a long time and sighed. Now he hoped liu bei had done it. If it had been liu bei, he could have sent someone to scold him, but instead of lu bu...欧弟经纪人米果|"The sooner the better, kong Ming these days uninterrupted letter urging." Liu bei shen voice way: "just how withdraw troops, still want to discuss with two consiglists one time."

欧弟经纪人米果|"Oh?" A frown on his forehead suggested a most opportune moment< / p > < p > they smell, can not help but look at each other, shu those families, nothing can be liu zhang out of the whole point, now has such a big handle in liu zhang's hands, who knows the future will not be liu zhang old things, after the autumn.

Zhou yu's death was blamed on the head of jingzhou by jiangdong. I heard that many generals in jiangdong had asked sun quan for permission to conduct the northern expedition. The rear was not stable. Cao cao shook his head and soothed xiahou dun with a smile, but the anxiety in his eyes could not be dispelled.< / p > < p > until the summer mouth, Chen to prepare to land, a fleet of boats from the oblique bypass Chen to the remnants of the soldiers, will they block the summer mouth outside, the number of the other side is not much, but Chen to the side, up to now, only hundreds of people crowded in more than 20 boats, want to break through the other side, obviously impossible."If someone reported my whereabouts to jiang dong, they would know." Chen stopped smiling and looked at ford.欧弟经纪人米果|




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