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举牌概念股百分百拓展Now from YingChuan to xuzhou, a lot of things from the lyu3 bu4 there, among governors, on receiving lyu3 bu4 there technology development of cao cao is the fastest, but the more so, cao cao worry is heavier, lyu3 bu4 running can't selfless help them, and those of technology, is essentially the somebody else with the rest of that, to put it bluntly, use waste money with you, the real core technology, such as military equipment, lyu3 bu4 see isn't a normal tight, cao cao sent several times to steal each other's core technology connects all have to go back, and although xuchang high-end technical talent was as good as lu bu how much, but after the years of development, Cao cao but heard lyu3 bu4 continuously in wooing foreign skillful craftsman, the wooing of skillful craftsman of the central plains never ceased, and cao cao's side, limited by economic and geographic reasons, can only see, the gap growing, especially in the loss of qualified teachers in low-level technology, makes the cao cao's side a lot of things can't get scale like lu bu, this is cao cao has been concerned about."Brother! Yang angzheng that just came back sees oneself elder brother is bayonet of yan pu one sword bayonet, of grief and indignation roar 1, rush up a foot to kick yan pu above city wall, in the yan pu screams, the body loses balance, fall down toward city wall.This is used to represent a period of the strong, not only refers to the martial arts, he pacified huiyong, cool, horse step the huns, the Wolf in the professional, divided lombardi, as the years lyu3 bu4 constantly sending the guanzhong culture to the kanto region, regardless of family willing to admit, lyu3 bu4 impact on the world, already in imperceptible in, with all kinds of consumer goods and the guanzhong area gradually penetrated to all over the world, lyu3 bu4 also look not to come out in the guanzhong before, but with lyu3 bu4 moved seat to luoyang, zhongyuan governors, and even family feels a pressure at the same time.

YangPingGuan, hanzhong north portal, as YangPingGuan ShouJiang, Yang ren is the qiang people holding the big fire, but not to the people, a sword, britons specifically Yang ren is a fire in his heart, also have the temper, as a general britons hand first, he'd rather his army to wu guan with that blanc a knife, unfortunately, although the lyu3 bu4 in luoyang, rattled britons some, but not going to send troops to provoke lyu3 bu4, Yang Ren Tangtang general, guarding the pass, but also can do some of the livelihood of the people's mediation work here.Time in yecheng garrison in waiting, in one minute one second past, a lot of wood to transport, with the constant improvement of the other defenses, is as ShouJiang Zhao De had to marvel at its works perfect, front and back at the end of the fence was become an organic whole repeatedly, even on the diaphragm and the top can perfect defense enemy arrow rain mass ejection, only each other every step dozens, hung a bronze mirror, but don't know why.Lu bu raised his eyelids and glanced at the monks and soldiers with sticks in their hands: "are you going to make enemies with the government?"举牌概念股Cao cao nodded and said, "what the master of the state said is not without reason.

举牌概念股"Good." Liu bei nodded his head without hesitation."Commander, lu bu now moved to luoyang, we really do not need to tube it?" Chaisang, zhou yu dayying, riverside, zhou yu holding a fishing rod fishing on the river, lv meng came to zhou yu side, puzzled look at zhou yu.Since lyu3 bu4 strategy has reached the purpose of hanzhong, the next, the battle JiZhou don't have to go, while cao cao up, Zang with two horses in the north, but zhang liao don't think the two men with xh beaten army, can block up main he spent in jizhou, zhaoyun, d the two elite, and cross the sea of this division has begun to blockade river, cao cao even if want to rescue, in the face of this army is overwhelmed, I'm afraid.

"Lord." < / p > < p > Yang song walked two steps forward, came to zhang lu side, a face of worry to look at zhang lu said: "guanzhong strong, our army reinforcements is arrived, not necessarily its opponent, as...... "< / p > < p > outside the meeting hall, xiahou yuan as the door plate general standing in the door, when see cao cao, xiahou yuan burst on his knees on the ground, big, but at this time as a child crying: "Lord, the end will have a heavy burden, jizhou...... Lost!"Arrows rain did not continue to attack, britons and others very carefully will head out of the wall, but see each other again to contract formation, under the name zhang flag made back to the wall, toward Zhang Ludao: "my master a pre-announced, enemy, this is the ritual, to show our strength to make you, if you really stubborn, will direct our army siege, my general three hour time, to make the king within three hours, so you can do anything, but if three hour, make you haven't decided, our army will impose siege!"举牌概念股




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