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太阳能板块综合布线施耐德"I ordered, the queen empress fu shou today, no destructive, beginning to laws, ethics and brothers separate liaisons, women have losses, from now on, in limbo, under the other documents in the country, there are more ridden a captain separate, corrupt ethics laws, queen, extramarital affairs shall not forgiven, with a way, all take its collector, bounty, two hundred to start in hou!" Cao cao ran look to fu over, a word on the road.Not only here, but also from other directions, the other side seemed to have no intention of attacking the city, but began to build a fence arrow tower. The whole yicheng district suddenly seemed to be an inner city.< / p > < p > zhao DE's complexion all of a sudden dark down, although he is not what famous, but not stupid, the other side did not hide their purpose, is the siege of yecheng, and then strike the idea of reinforcements.

"Send more scouts to find their food routes." Xia houyuan shen said: "command the ministries, no I will, no one is allowed to go out without authorization.""There must be a limit to ignorance." Ma chao sneered and said, "didn't you ever hear the name of god of war on the silk road?""What are diao chan and yun er doing recently? Even xiao zhen and Yang xi were taken away." Lv bu raised his head, puzzled.太阳能板块"Our thunderbolt may have a try!" < / p > < p > a staff suggested, xia houyuan smell speech eyes can not help but a bright, hurriedly sent out the thunder car, just not close to the thunder car, was out of the camp dozens of bolt shot into a pile of rotten wood, also took a few lives, to break the thunder car plan has not formally started the failure.

太阳能板块"Good!" < / p > < p > huang zhonglang drink a, guan zhang reputation outside, but huang zhong is not afraid, liu bei and others see no longer blocked, let him retreat."My Lord has an order," he said. "Then, ignoring zhang lu's reaction, zhang zhang turned his horse's head and returned to the archers at the head of the city. He took out a flag from his horse and waved it towards the army."General, the enemy is out of the city. The archers behind are scattered!" A general rushed to the two sides of the expansion of the xia hou yuan sad.

"Do your own thing." Lu waved and left with lu zheng and jia xu, leaving a group of monks looking at the direction of lu bu's departure."Calm down, you are a man of honor. "If I don't want to share it, let's change the topic," lu says with a smile.太阳能板块




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