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超人气学园大结局|巴马汤一盒多少钱"Step to the root, to assemble the troops, if these beggars dare to mess around, then let them stay here forever!" Kui head stuffy hum 1, ten thousand people, has been able to raid the king's court, you know the king's court of kui head although claimed to be the lord of xianbei, but actually has an army of more than fifty thousand people, but also distributed in the tribes around the king's court, the king's court standing army, also only ten thousand people."I know you have the heart to go to war." Giffin looked at pound's appearance, wry smile way: "just this war, d general took away most of the military forces in hetao, must have a strong will stay guarding hetao, here, is the master's back road, there is no room for any slip, also hope to make can understand."People have a blind following mentality, Especially when the master is killed, Without a leader, instinctively make choices that are good for you, with the exception of a few die-hards, Most of the soldiers chose to surrender, On the prairie, Bow down to the strong is not a shameful thing, let alone the highest leader Ke sin and to jin stop tu is dead, resistance also has no meaning, plus lyu3 bu4 now represents xianbei court, this is a righteousness, even if xianbei people don't have the concept of righteousness, but to avoid harm, the trend is common everywhere.

"Ah?" Sentence suddenly lost to lyu3 bu4, puzzled way.Ninety thousand troops, mighty from the king's court, stood on the cliff, dense army, like a tide of ants swept across the grassland under the mountain, like a black flood, swept away to the distance.Xu togeher stood up and said coldly, "I was sincere and congenial. It seems that the duke tsao didn't believe me. In that case, xu togeher quit."超人气学园大结局|"Down." Kirby could rub his forehead, and for a moment he was a little distracted.

超人气学园大结局|In the past three surnames slaves, shaking, now has become a national hero, which makes many people some turn around, for this matter, nature is mixed, and even a wise man leapt out, accused lyu3 bu4 slaughter 250,000 lives, make the grassland, against heaven and, he will be damned!"Changan Academy, is prepared for the family." Pang tong wry smile way: "Although not quite understand lyu3 bu4 plan, But at the beginning of the year, Lyu3 bu4 set up county school, I think there's a backhand, a little bit of education will be extended to counties and even townships, At that same time, Changan academy is different from county academy, For the enrollment of people have various requirements, or county school graduate, or the children of meritorious minister, I think it is for the future to take refuge in lyu3 bu4 or lyu3 bu4 now after the subordinates provide a career, future generations of children or meritorious minister's children, can directly enter changan academy, into office is bound to be easier than ordinary people. ""At the end of the day you will obey!" They promised to 1, their departure.

"Woo ~"The rumbling of horseshoes shattered the silence of the night, and a cavalry surged across the vast expanse of land in the night like a torrent across a plain of grass.Thought of guan yu, coss suddenly found that the two people are really a little similar!超人气学园大结局|





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