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酋长的礼物txt欧泉琳美白祛斑系列Sounds very lofty, actually is a gatekeeper, what can do? Yang ding know, their ability is not as good as those people, but does not represent him willing to do so a gatekeeper, so, when the sima defense secretly contacted him, especially know the matter behind is yuan shao, did not hesitate to choose to sell lv bu.Seeing pang tong, whose face was suppressed and flushed, lu bu said, "public Taiwan and wen are worried about Mr. Pang's talent, I will not put you, but also know that you refuse to work for me, since you helped ling qi before, now you can continue to help, he is yours. Then he nodded to lv lingqi.The generals were eager to turn their horses around, but there was no time to do so. After the third platoon was finished, the first row had reloaded the crossbow box and shot the crossbows mercilessly at the turners.

Zhaoyun why can appear here, this matter also has to start from gongsun zan's fall, border bridge war, white horse righteousness from casualties, zhaoyun protect gongsun zan returned to you state, then yuan shao all the way to press into the border, you state scholar cross paths to meet each other, gongsun zan see the general situation is gone, a fire together with the whole family burn to death.< / p > < p > qin hu speed and xiongnu discord, liu bao did not expect, but first zero, must not let lv bu got, at this time liu bao just see clearly, this lv bu to hetao, is clearly to deal with his huns, his tolerance, but missed the best opportunity to drive lu bu out of hetao."What else can we do? Give me to look for Wolf qiang and first zero qiang chief, lu bu came, I slaughter each end, they or not!" The king of each slaughterhouse was angry and said, "although he was ill-tempered, his eyes were quite fierce among the leaders of the various clans. This time, lv bu came back, but his attitude was definitely not to fight and leave.酋长的礼物txt"?" Qiang people young look at the army han: "how to put?"

酋长的礼物txtHuns whole rout did not give up lu bu to kill, as lu bu a binge drinking, died in all four of their cases, the edge of the huns became to be slaughtered each lamb, lyu3 bu4 with force, maintaining relatively neat formation, slay and then wipe before again and again, a few days ago the scene to reappear in hetao plains, mighty army of huns was less than one 5 of the men chase after you kill yourself.The people in nanyang did not continue to move north, but when the disaster came, the situation in xiliang was not too serious, and many things were saved. Otherwise, zhang liao might not be able to transfer the food and grass for lu bu."Noise!

O peel back the news authenticity, burn when Lao wang didn't want to tube, but one thing he can determine, burn when playing marten decided to follow in jincheng Korea hence, the west is cool, the qiang people, is almost burned when alone big, under peak, there are seventy thousand play professionally, but followed with all the way from jincheng play to wuwei, around west cool in a circle, now burn when it even you are not all the forty thousand people.One of the hussars quickly dropped the rhubarb crossbow and picked up the platoon crossbow that had been waiting for him."Lord, this is... "Seeing lv bu brandishing a bright sword with bare arms, Chen gong was stunned.酋长的礼物txt




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