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瞭玲らん|屎剩将僭払蓄嵶粗卩"General male, somehow here!" Li Hun see male broad sea, can't help but force a smile, since lu zheng into shu, male broad sea rarely appeared in public, even if it is, also as lu zheng guards generally appeared around lu zheng, shu people don't know this person, but male broad sea fame, said more than lu zheng these people.On the city of nanyang, because of the reason of the trenches, it is difficult for nanyang city to send scouts to inspect the surrounding areas, plus pound's blockade, so that the city of nanyang is almost cut off from the outside world, only to see pound these days continue to dig trenches in the periphery, for a time puzzled."Blow your own trumpet!" Guan yu eyes, li mang appeared, before just probing, this time two people are actually started a real confrontation.

Xie Cheng eyes flashed a harsh color, while lyu3 zheng turned around, suddenly burst into trouble, rushed to lyu3 zheng."Spare you?" Lv Zheng sighed and came up and patted Xie Cheng on the head. "Master Xie, you are plotting a rebellion. If all these sins can be forgiven, what dignity does my father have? Even according to the law, if you wait for this behavior, you will have to destroy the family.""DuDu, what medicine does Guan Yu sell in this gourd?" He qi stood on the wall, looking at guan yu's camp, frown way.瞭玲らん|This is also sun quan and all jiangdong wenwu most concerned about, if only to see the results, please lyu3 bu4, really can solve jiangdong's power, but after? Lyu3 bu4 will help you for no reason, if lyu3 bu4 really unconditional help, that instead to be careful.

瞭玲らん|"Who is that?" Zhang fei turned his head to look at a defected shu general asked."Die!" Wang Shuangleng snorted, chopping a sword, easily cut off the other side of the sword, followed by the knife potential, with the other side of the head cut off."By water!" Watching the remnants of the soldiers around them die one by one, But still can't break out, he qi a tardif, two people rushed toward the port, Xing Daorong hurriedly commanded soldiers encirclement and suppression, just two people familiar with the qua terrain, and the port there guan yu can't lay defense, was killed by two people out of a blood road, looking for a boat down the river, jingzhou soldiers said, also can only look at the river sigh.

After a few provocations, see yan yan is stuck, wei yan almost a fire, fortunately was Deng Xian timely organization, although now autumn, it is a good time to set fire, but shu can be different outside, if this fire really boil, how many innocent don't say, they themselves also have to be trapped."And then?" Wei Yandao, although elite military forces he brought, but now only more than two thousand, there are three thousand left in chengdu to help lu zheng stabilize the overall situation, if put zhuge liang out, the key to victory or defeat is not his elite, but pang tong shu army, for shu army combat effectiveness, wei yan is not very good.Chapter one hundred and seven joke scene瞭玲らん|




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