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安信伟光企业邮局|潲水油提炼设备"With you! Zhang fei some speechless, he finally understand what is called calculate without plan, calculate missing, the other side also can not get cheap, this is called calculate without plan, zhuge liang this cautious trouble, but this is a great help, the moment is also not nonsense, direct point horse rushed to huyang."What now? Give up?" Lv meng looked hesitingly at zhou yu. He knew that zhou yu had been preparing for this day for a long time, and just as zhou yu had said, if he missed this opportunity, it would be difficult to find such an opportunity to recover jingxiang at one stroke."Crunch ~"

However, zhou yu was not in a hurry. At that time, the pattern of the conflict between the north and the south was basically clear. All he needed was an inducement."What can gong da do?" Cao cao only felt bitter in his mouth, but he did not expect to get the tiger prison in the end."Yingchuan shi tao, whose name is guangyuan, met Mr. Gong da!" Shi tao smiled and said.安信伟光企业邮局|Sometimes, cao cao really envy lyu3 bu4, although the early struggle, but after he out step by step, not be valued by all the governors of former northwest place zhang put out by the fighting capacity, back really is, is to late, lyu3 bu4 way is more suitable, in contrast, cao cao and others, although because of family support, early developing rapidly, but in the later period, but everywhere in Taipei, a lot of times, is pushing a decree, all want to weigh the pros and cons, far not like now lyu3 bu4, decrees, can in a very short period of time anywhere, quickly and effectively implemented, the efficiency is far more than twice the governors of the central plains?

安信伟光企业邮局|The happy atmosphere was not affected by gao shun's coffin face, the last day of jian 'an thirteen years, in such a happy atmosphere quietly passed.Take it for granted!"Commander?" Lv meng, puzzled, looked at zhou yu, but saw that zhou yu was pale and his eyes became glazed over. Commander wake up! Commander, wake up!"

When lu bu and others came to the wall, the beasts had already rushed to the bottom of the wall. One by one, sharp arrows were shot down, but they were blocked by something like a turtle's shell. From the top of the wall, they looked like a huge hedgehog."Yes!"Unfortunately, the time is not much, the situation is urgent, otherwise, you can ask that liu zhang sent to us for help, then is the best chance to send troops. Zhuge liang sighed, now the world situation all the more urgent, especially the front unfavorable news, cao cao, liu bei four hundred thousand troops took so long, but it has not been breached in chengguan, how many surprising, lyu3 bu4 force the startling of army's fighting capacity, zhuge liang had a hunch that this battle, I'm afraid I won't have what results, once governors coalition turned, then, would be lyu3 bu4 sweep the central plains, he must take shu for liu bei, as soon as possible before lyu3 bu4 kill cao cao, scored in the shu, for Liu Beimou under three cent world situation.安信伟光企业邮局|




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