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丹阳统资联键上飞"Be." The nighthawk saluted little Joe and disappeared out the door.Unawares, a disarmed tiger guard snarls from behind as he embraces the nighthawk's slender body."Shi yuan can wait and see." Fa is smiling and nodding.

If ever, according to the rules, the shu army at least also want to lay off half, only elite, but for now coming, intones difficult line, also not good again from changan and luoyang military forces, and although the guanzhong army elite, but, after all, quite special, and that a set of methods in guanzhong plain in shudu doesn't fit, but is more convenient to use the shu army, and swaney, ling bract these dependency to defect of shu will be more proficient in combat, with their help, more can get twice the result with half the effort."Get out of here! One cavity looks forward to, finally get is such a result, in the chest panic gradually turned into anger, broke a porcelain again, liu zhang's roar spread throughout the whole ci shi fu.It has been more than half a year since hanzhong came under the rule of lv bu. Although there are still some problems left unsolved, the overall situation has been decided and the people have become loyalChapter 85 for the prince no way, ministers should abandon it丹阳统资联The hand-to-hand combat, generally based on one side were killed to collapse, the other party began to slaughter, this is common sense, but this battle, apparently broke the rules, guan yu, and other people around, has laid the bodies of a thick layer, with the enemy, own also have jingzhou, but the body doesn't stop conference semifinals, who obviously is not normal in the conference semifinals courageously, under the attack of jingzhou soldiers tore open the gap in the shrinking, activity space is less and less.

丹阳统资联Battle began very abrupt, end soon, cao cao's side is the tiger WeiYing fighters, in front of the nighthawk who, even have no chance to link matrix, hundreds of guard so be fifty nighthawk who nondestructive kill, if you count the slain four hundred Cao Liu before their soldiers sent to protect important regalia, so along while of kung fu, 50 nighthawk who have killed five hundred of the enemy.In opposite him, lv meng with tracing the cause boarded a ship floating down, looking at Chen to the side, some said with a sigh, to be fair, to Chen to the halfway decent, can play with him on the water to this degree, is precious, it is also the cause of lv meng finally didn't let Chen to go ashore, even if the other party is now only a few hundred people, if the land warfare, the bucket of trapped beast, still can give yourself a huge casualties."Oh, woe to you all! Pang tong slapped his thigh and shook his head.

Pang tong and law are looking at each other, the little Lord may not be as powerful as the Lord, but a small age, but has shown a number of emperor demeanor, it seems that lu bu laid the foundation, is the successor."Does the general mean there are fine works in the army?" Ford's face changed and he frowned at Chen."Treachery! Xiahou dun learned that the news, can not help but scold up, they in the tiger prison, liu bei in there do not temper not fire dozen half a year, and then so pat ass to leave, let their family alone to face the pressure of guanzhong.丹阳统资联




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