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徐晓娜|二手电脑桌"Kill!" Zhang yan gave out a despairing roar, quite bayonet lyu3 bu4."An army of five hundred?" Lu xun was stunned."The crossbow could be improved a bit, I'll say. One would be a large, ballet-like device that could keep firing more and more arrows, and the other would be to keep it as light as possible without increasing the number of rounds."

Yuan shang nodded and, after a long silence, bowed down to liu."Military order mountain, also hope big childe mo to let the end will be difficult to do." General eyes flash a kill machine, sen ran way."Do you know the man beside you?" Dharma is indifferent.徐晓娜|Zhang he asked again and again in his heart, Mrs Liu is also on behalf of three childe, and the Lord has clearly to hand over the throne to him, but why in this time, choose such an extreme way?

徐晓娜|"No, the Lord has not said to start, the subordinates dare not start." Li shuxiang shouted."General, what if there are guards everywhere?" "Asked a concerned security guard as he crept back from the outside into the secret passage.< / p > < p > luoyang city, the arrival of the xiongkuo sea did not give gao shun and wei yan how much help, xiongkuo sea is a good general, but liu guan zhang was left behind by CAI MAO outside the tiger prison to contain xu sheng, the remaining jingxiang generals, if the general, let alone xiongkuo sea, is wei yan now also can sweep jingxiang generals.

"If the subordinates are incompetent and fail to complete the task, please apologize to yourself." Lu fang pulled out a rib, without hesitation stabbed to his chest., of course, if you really fight for life and death, hanyoung may not do any one of four court column, after all, years old failure, martial arts to consummate, also not durable wars, zhang liao yourself, exquisite skills may not be so old, but if really play, regardless of the strength of what, lily within oneself should be no problem, as for lily, the old man and the strength to fight again with him, Lord, here I am afraid more exalted position, after all, even the former lombardi's name to move all the lamere sitton, also dare not in front of the old."How dare a man kill my brother! < / p > < p > a roar, not to talk to zhang liao, the sentence has rushed out, a strong bow in the hand of the bow will be shot at han rong, he and wudang followed lv bu across the grasslands in the past, had formed a deep friendship, now see wudang killed, suddenly angry.徐晓娜|




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