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梦回三国电视剧全集|中国卫通集团"The Huns, they really dare to come!" The patriarch came out with his machete and watched the crowd gallop back and forth. The Huns of the slaughterer's own people were furious. They pulled out their machetes, waved forward, and roared, "The warriors of the cadre of Ur, kill all these Xiongnu bitches!""Get ready, after tonight, the Qifu tribe will be history! The name Temuzhen will be famous for this prairie!" Lyu3 bu4 from horseback picked up the earthshaking bow, behind him, five hundred have been finished mending the moon people from riding stand, coldly looking at the large number of cavalry galloping from not far away.Little maidservant hit a shiver, obedient way: "Yes."

But generally speaking, lyu3 bu4 this year's decree promotion is undoubtedly successful, and because each decree under the supervision of the Attorney General, can be well implemented in place, lyu3 bu4 regime's credibility has been unprecedented enhanced, but also won the support of the people, invisible, let lyu3 bu4 under cohesion rose to a level.When Ule took his life, Began to command the military forces, mighty direction to the king's court, and lyu3 bu4, with the army northward, the news here should soon be sent to kirby can there, their previous arrangements, also should play a role, next, is to provoke murong gui, TaBaJi powder and kirby can antagonism, and then unite them, pick up kirby can together."From today on, you are taiyuan county chief, but willing to work for me?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at jiang li, nodded with satisfaction.梦回三国电视剧全集|In order to avoid the sound wake up the foot soldiers guarding the city, this time, not hook claws, but rope, took off the heavy armor, replaced with leather armor made of leather, light, hazy night, but see dozens of dark shadow quietly touch on the wall, guard on the wall foot soldiers in ignorance, was easily cut off the neck.

梦回三国电视剧全集|The woman is not stupid, but also quite wrist, almost even oneself have been around, lyu3 bu4 looked up and looked in the direction of the king's tent, eyes flashed a sneer, hum, since dare to murder me, that not only you lost your body, even the soldiers also want to fold!"They killed the leader. Kill him!" A few QinBing instant red eyes, Kirby can usually stay under very thick, also have to subordinate soldiers love, now see their own leader was killed in front of his eyes, red-eyed QinBing which tube you are what tribal leaders, directly picked up weapons toward TaBaJi powder and Murong GUI kill.

Speak, clap dance rob came, silver gun in the hands of a thorn in the air, unexpectedly stabbed at the same time nine cold awn, this recruit, in the marksmanship has a very good name, called cloud dragon nine now, is the perfect combination of marksmanship and speed can be put out."No! I will fight this battle myself!" Kui looked at TaBaJi powder and MurongGui, shook his head, and laughed aloud: "If every battle to temuzhen brothers to fight, is it not to let DaXi new absolutely laugh at my king's court no one?""Damn it! Temujin!" Kifu goyang ugly face will be a soldier's body on the ground, let a man moved to the horses, roared: "soldiers, leave all the women and cattle and sheep, with me back!"梦回三国电视剧全集|




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