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儿女传奇胭脂错|广西电影制片厂"With the former general war 56 people, killed some of the western region, there are also several sisters married, stayed in the western regions, now left, along with the end of the will, only 18 people, but in the western regions and recruit some of the general, owl camp is now extended to one hundred and eight people, are hand-picked to general, there are many western woman." Li shuxiang bowed."Be." Jia xu and pang tong nodded at the same time, lv bu waved, two people left.

There was civil unrest in yecheng.The general heard the speech, at one time fell into silence, again such a rout, jingzhou army can bear? And this time because of the army grain, can again gather jingzhou army here, but next time? Carrying the baggine want to escape the cavalry to kill is tantamount to a fool's tale, kuai yue, at the moment is also helpless.儿女传奇胭脂错|There was a warm kang in the room, and pang tong did not want to be in the cold with a group of old men, who had been born in the army and were coarse in skin and flesh.

儿女传奇胭脂错|Ma chao took a look at the direction li zhao's troops were leaving and shook his head. "no need," he said. "even if we kill them, it will be impossible for us to take all of hedong.Jinyang, the outskirts, an abandoned field was picked up again, a soldier in the hussars camp under the command of lu bu began to according to the original chang 'an battalion training field built a new camp."It seems that zi Ming is not willing to be stolen by us, this battle, fought beautifully!" Lv bu handed the report to zhang liao and laughed.

"More xi, take people to bring back the son and the body." Cao cao did not imagine the excitement and anger, voice, tone are very calm, but familiar with cao cao but know that this is really angry."Ye see cao gong." Liu ye came forward, the rules and regulations of cao conduct a salute....儿女传奇胭脂错|





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