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局长成长史 西子书院|山东博汇集团有限公司"There's no need to talk about filial piety." Cao cao held guo jia, on the side of pro wei way: "wait for the first escort Sir To camp outside, be sure to protect the safety of Sir."'nobody? Yuan shang and the counsellors who followed him changed their faces. Where would yuan tan be at that moment?...

But when someone will these things up, it is not the same, still do not believe that lv bu will really deal with, but now that the public trial, the law disobliging circumstances, we do not mind to watch.Chapter 57 the way to live in death"Ha ~" strong man smell speech, originally worry of the mood is relieved a few, these people look at fierce spirit evil spirit, but very simple and straightforward, with before saw soldier not quite the same.局长成长史 西子书院|Cen bi, originally under the command of yuan tan, yuan tan died, yuan shang took advantage of the opportunity to receive yuan tan's horses, cen bi also naturally surrendered to yuan shang, this time yuan shang sent troops to rescue cao cao, cen bi is responsible for guarding the barracks.

局长成长史 西子书院|Originally wanted to kick the ball to cao cao, since it is the main league, since when the main force, but now was guo jia lightly thrown back, yuan tan this fool actually so agreed, eldest brother, you with the soldiers is the least!It is not without those who think they see the situation of the soldiers angry and return, but the result, but even a wave did not stir, was quickly annihilated in the defeated army.< / p > < p > the next morning, han rong will be listed into five phalanxes, yuan xi led the strong bowman in the central phalanx, with han rong a command, front row phalanx began to lift shield to attack zhang liao daying.

To yesterday, even gao shun also intervened in the war situation, surprise attack meng jin, want to drive cao cao's forces out of luoyang, but was cao ren see through, the failure.Deer gate?"But if the Lord sent troops at this time, I am afraid that yuan tan and yuan shang would join forces against the Lord. Did the Lord ever think of that?" Jia xu turned his head and looked at lu bu.局长成长史 西子书院|





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