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红岭创投借壳哪家公司君翼资本Rugged voice at the moment clear to ChengTou, this is afraid of lyu3 bu4 prestige county soldiers will look at this moment, countless line of sight converge, gradually form a dull pressure.At the foot of the male broad sea ran like the wind, heard the rear wind ring, the subconscious flash, but zhang he this arrow tricky, male broad sea although with instinct to avoid the key, but the arrow or shot through his shoulder, male broad sea stuffy hum 1, step didn't stop, quickly rushed out of the gate."Don't you think I can't fight if you're the only one who can?" Qui-head eyes flashed a touch of anger, harsh voice.

D took a deep breath, the flame of hatred in his chest down, after a year of practice under lyu3 bu4, his character has been calm a lot, to giffin hand a gift way: "strategist rest assured, at the end of the trip, must be more careful, will never bad master event.""Everyone is xianbei people, kui head incompetent, cause xianbei gradually decline, he is no longer worthy to do khan, warriors, as long as you willing to surrender, we will not hurt our own people!" Kirby Neron track."Here!" Two people smell speech gladly brought life.红岭创投借壳哪家公司Chapter 38 madman

红岭创投借壳哪家公司"Master rest assured, sentence suddenly remember!" Sentence suddenly bowed down."No, there's still a lot of work to be done." Shaken his head, lyu3 bu4 motioned for the people to retreat, began to think about bing situation.Thunderous horseshoe sound, a member of the general with a large number of cavalry from the open YuanMen break in, surging cavalry like a torrent of all the annihilation in front of us, regardless of the enemy.

Zhang he eyes a bright, Hurriedly ordered a messenger, Long trumpet sound sounded on the wall, is commanding a dozen strong men ready to rushed to the city wood d heard, but saw a black arrow rain from the city head, gathered into a dense piece of arrow rain in the sky, like a circle of dark clouds toward the ground, face not from a change, harsh voice way: "Quick, call it quits!""Click ~"Stupid!红岭创投借壳哪家公司




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